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Gina Coplon-Newfield, Sierra Club  | Published on Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Before you rush off for what I hope is a wonderful holiday break, I wanted to share a few news items for those of us eager to help the market for electric vehicles (EVs) succeed. I hope you'll share with your networks.

Drive Electric

Dear Colleague,

Before you rush off for what I hope is a wonderful holiday break, I wanted to share a few news items for those of us eager to help the market for electric vehicles (EVs) succeed. I hope you'll share with your networks.

1) There are several current "group buy" and other EV discount programs -with savings up to $15,000- that make EVs an amazing deal or gift this holiday season. See a blog article we published on EcoWatch on some incredible model programs and offers (time to break out those giant bows we see on TV car ads).

2) Speaking of TV car ads, how often do you see them for EVs? If you're most of us, it's almost never. New data show that the auto industry is failing to advertise EVs, particularly outside of California. See our blog article on Huffington Post and Sierra Club Compass.

3) As you've likely heard, there are billions of dollars on the settlement table as a result of the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal. These funds could be invested wisely for clean electric transportation programs or unwisely for more polluting diesel or natural gas vehicle programs. See this blog article on Huffington Post and Sierra Club Compass on how we can push for turning this pollution tragedy into a victory for cleaner air.

Thanks for all you do for a better planet. Happy holidays to you and yours.


Gina Coplon-Newfield
Director of Electric Vehicles Initiative
Sierra Club
Follow me on Twitter @GinaDrivingEV

7 Things to Know About Billions in VW Clean Transportation Funds

From 2009 to 2015, Volkswagen sold more than 11 million diesel cars with software designed to cheat on emissions tests. As a result, these cars emitted up to 35 times more nitrogen oxides than allowed by law. This smog-forming pollution has significant health impacts, from asthma to heart and lung damage. After being caught and sued for deception, Volkswagen agreed to settle by spending up to $14.7 billion, with millions of dollars allocated to each U.S. state to ramp up clean transportation programs. States are currently in the process of developing plans for this funding, which means environmental and public health advocates have a great opportunity to promote greener, cleaner transportation programs.

Here are the seven things you should know in order to ensure states make the best use of the funds available.

Read the full article.

New Data Shows Auto Industry Failing to Advertise Electric Cars

In the past month, how many car advertisements have you seen? I've seen a lot, and I don't know about you, but I'm excited to drive fast on forested roads with my hot date by my side to reach our luxury destination with valet parking.

Now, how many of those car ads were for electric cars? If that number is more than zero, then you're in the minority. New data shows what we've long observed - that auto companies and auto dealers are focusing much less on electric vehicle (EV) advertising than on advertising for conventional gas-guzzling cars and trucks - especially outside of California.

Read the full article.

Read to Buy an EV? Here's How to Save Big

Photo by Mary Lunetta

If you're looking high and low for a new set of wheels, now is the perfect time to go electric. With "group buy" discounts, many people are eligible for incredible price incentives to help make the switch from dirty gasoline-fueled cars toward cleaner, electric vehicles (EVs) an easy one. Residents in states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Colorado, Virginia and Maryland have access to EV discount programs offering shockingly high savings.

Now the automakers may be going back on their commitments.

Read the full article.

Gina Coplon-Newfield is the director of the Sierra Club's Electric Vehicles Initiative.

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